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Last Modified: November 13th, 1996
Version: 3.10




The Unofficial Grimoire Of Clues For The Clueless (tm)

Originally created Adrian A. Ng <vitz@io.org>
and written by: dba David M. Barbaric
aka Acid Junkie
aka Vitzliputzil
aka Bryan E. Fedorowski

Updates are denoted by an asterisk (*)


Table Of Contents

00. *New Stuff (since last update)
01. *About this FAQ
02. About the newsgroup A.B.P.E.A.
03. Help! How do I see the pictures?
04. Help! This woman has no vagina! (Censorship Sucks)
05. What is DOS/V?
06. Where do the pictures come from?
07. Net resources (FTP, FSP, WWW, GOPHER, IRC, etc.)
08. A listing of pictures and the games they came from (LONG)
09. *Can I read Japanese text on web sites without special software?
10. *What is KISS?
11. The Not-So-Great Debate: GIF vs. JPEG
12. *Some Japanese words that might interest you
13. Miscellaneous


00. *New Stuff

Section 01 has been updated as the search for this FAQ's
originator continues! If anyone knows how to contact Acid
Junkie, please e-mail me.
Section 9 on how to view Japanese characters on the web
has been added.
Section 10 on KISS files has been added.
A word has been added to our vocabulary list in section
12. I still need a little help with this though. Please send
your commentary my way.


01. About this FAQ

This FAQ was written originally by Adrian A. Ng on a
dark and stormy night (well, maybe not _that_ dramatic) after
he encountered several posts on a.b.p.e.a. sent by this
particular AOL user called Akira2037. He was so pissed off at
the appearance of yet another clueless newbie that he left
the picture he was working on and hurriedly conjured up this
document. He was also in charge of updating the FAQ :).

Acid Junkie has mysteriously removed his august
presence from the Internet (silent period of mourning). In
his absence, FAQ maintainer Cernovog has now assumed the
responsiblity of updating the FAQ as well as posting it.
Direct all comments, queries and suggestions to Cernovog! You
can write to vitz@io.org if you want but your mail will
probably go unanswered....

New info! Drax99 <drax99@geocities.com> says he found
Acid Junkie hard at work on a commercial GIF animation page.
According to Drax, AJ's so busy with this full time job that
he doesn't have time for anything else! Unfortunately, he
forgot to get the URL.

Natsuki Kushiyama has kindly granted me the permission
to use his list of pictures versus games from Japan that we see
so often 'round these parts. If you think you have something
to contribute, e-mail the maintainer at
<cernovog@eberus.buf.servtech.com> and he will decide whether
or not to include your information in the next edition of the

You can e-mail requests for the most current
copy of the FAQ to <cernovog@eberus.buf.servtech.com>. There
is an HTMLized version of this FAQ at the Hentai Zone
<http://the.animearchive.org/hentai/> although I can't vouch
for how frequently it's updated.


02. About the newsgroup A.B.P.E.A.

Ironically, this group was created by someone who did
_not_ like erotica anime (known also as h-anime, hentai anime,
ecchi anime, etc.). Apparently, he did not even ask for votes
publically, which is a violation of newsgroup creation rules.
But, for her light, we will leave it at that. As long as we
have this lush garden to share our gifts in, we're happy.
Unfortunately, for those who don't have access to this
newsgroup...well, it ain't our problem. :)

Erotic images of anime, or, to the uninitiated,
Japanimation, are welcome. Please leave the furry and cartoon
stuff (ie. X-Men pictures) to their own individual newsgroups,
namely alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.furry and
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.cartoons, respectively.


03. Help! How do I see the pictures?

Here's an excerpt from part 2 of the
alt.binaries.pictures* heirarchy FAQ. It contains a helluva
lot of information on all the picture formats, UUencoding
and decoding, and other miscellaneous information. I'm only
going to insert the parts dealing with UUencoding and
UUdecoding, so if you want the whole thing, FTP to
rtfm.mit.edu and look in the directory
/pub/usenet/news.answers/ for the rest of the FAQ.


Basic checklist: Alternate checklist:
---------------- --------------------
News reader News reader
Text file editor "Super-decoder"

By far the most common method of posting files to the
pictures newsgroups is the UUENCODE standard. This program,
shipped standard with most implementations of UNIX, converts
binary files into plain-text ASCII files which can be
handled by the mail system. You will need a version of
UUDECODE before anything else in order to view anything
downloaded from the net. If your system does not have a
version of UUDECODE available, you can get one via anonymous
ftp from <bongo.cc.utexas.edu>, in the gifstuff/uutools

(Author's note: the above FTP site is currently unavailable.
Check <ftp.cdrom.com>, the alt.binaries.pictures archive
at <ftp://infolane.com/pub/picutils/index.html> or other large
FTP sites for the encoding/decoding utilities)

The format of a uuencoded file consists of an optional
"table specification", which consists of the word "table"
alone on a line, followed by one or more lines containing
the characters that will be used in the remaining encoded
data. Following this, the standard requires the line
containing only the text "begin <permissions> <filename>"
(where "<permissions>" is a three-character numeric string,
and "<filename>" notes the name of the decoded file - for
example "begin 640 myfile.gif"). This "begin" line is then
followed by several lines of approximately 61 characters,
all beginning with a capital "M", and containing any
non-lower-case printing character (and very rarely resembles
anything but absolute gibberish). Optionally, one to two
lines may be blank or contain less than the normal number of
characters if those lines are immediately before the line
containing the "end" notation (in this case, these shorter
lines will NOT begin with "M"). The "end" text alone on a
line marks the conclusion of the uuencoded data. Any
information that does not fit into the above classifications
are termed as either "headers" or "trailers", and are not
intended to be included in the information to be decoded.
For example, the following represents a valid uuencoded
file (although it contains no useful information - don't
bother decoding it!):

begin 666 bogus.file


Most decoders are smart enough to ignore anything before
the "begin" line and after the "end" line.

The first step is to save the file you want to view... in
most versions of the newsreader, this is done by pressing
's' followed immediately (no spaces usually, although some
versions don't care) by a file name. You will usually be
asked if you want to save it in mailbox format; you should
answer 'n'. When saving an article to a file in mailbox
format, the article is sometimes changed in a subtle way,
making it impossible to decode.

In the case of a single-part file, you can now uudecode the
file, which will create whatever output file is encoded.
You can usually tell if it's a single-part file by looking
on the subject line; standard netiquette is to make
something like [03/06] part of the subject line, which
indicates you're on part 3 of a 6-part file. If no numbers
are there, you can usually assume it is a 1-part file. If
not, feel free to write the poster (directly... please don't
waste bandwidth by posting) and request that he/she put this
info in the subject line. Be nice about it! Another way to
determine if a file is a single-parter is if both the
uuencode "begin" and "end" lines (as outlined above in the
description of the uuencode format) are included in the file.

For multi-part files, life is a little more difficult. If
all you have is a standard UUDECODE program (as opposed to
a "smart decoder"), you will need to trim the headers and
trailers out from the rest of the information. You can
either do this by saving each part in its own file and
editting them separately, then concatenate the editted files
together to make one big file (this might be your only
choice if your editor can't handle large files!), or you can
save each part in order into one big file and then edit all
the headers and trailers out from that file. Either way,
you'll need to run the result through UUDECODE. You can use
your favorite text editor to strip out header and trailer

There are several "smart decoders" out there that will
handle all of the header/trailer stripping and decoding for
you (some will even make sure that the pieces are in
order!) - see part 3 of this posting for specifics.

Some articles are actually posted with easy decoding in
mind, and contain UNIX shell script headers/trailers that
facilitate easier decoding. This is often very helpful, as
it saves you a lot of work, and can also provide error
checking not available in a "normal" uuencoded posting.
These postings nearly always contain instructions on their
use, so I won't attempt to explain all the details here.
There's no set "standard" for this type of posting anyway -
except for MIME. MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail
Extensions, proposes a standard for the posting and mailing
of multi-media articles (postings may include pictures,
sounds, movies, or other media types - which may be combined
in one article). Public- domain packages using MIME are
available (Metamail, for example). For more information on
MIME and Metamail, contact nsb@bellcore.com.

Some news readers have an "extract" capability that greatly
simplifies life by automatically decoding articles - this
means you don't have to go to the hassle of saving to a file
and then decoding. Newer versions of rn, nn, and trn can
handle this - check the "man" page or ask your news
administrator to find out if you can let your news reader do
the work for you!

If you're going to download the decoded picture file to a
home machine, or move it around a network, remember that
most decoded file outputs are going to be BINARY files, so
set your transfer protocol accordingly. If you are moving
around just the uuencoded data, an ASCII transfer will work
just fine, however (you'll have to decode it eventually, of
course). Note that if you *don't* transfer the decoded file
in BINARY mode, everything will appear to work just fine -
until you try to view the picture. Then you'll get all
sorts of undefined results...


04. *Help! This woman has no vagina! (Censorship Sucks)

Why is that awesome picture of a girl with her cunt
lips stretched to the max blurred out by a bunch of pixels?
That's censorship at its best (or worst), my friend. Many of
the images you find on the 'net of nude anime women originate
from Japan. Sources say that, at the end of World War II when
Japan surrendered unconditionally to the U.S., General
MacArthur imposed a law that outlaws any depiction of the
genitals. Today, however, the government has released its
iron grip on pornography, and now pictures of young school
girls with their pubic region exposed are not uncommon. Also,
underground (or illegal) doujinshi's (parodies of existing
manga or anime) and other manga do exist, so you do get to see
the occasional spread-pussy-stuffed-with-dildo around these

So quit asking for non-censored versions of those
pictures! It is _very_, _very_, VERY, VeRY unlikely that
anything of the sort exists, because no poster is stupid
enough to spend time censoring all those pictures. They are
_always_ censored by some government agency or autocensored
by the artists themselves.

Sometimes, however, net-users feel the need to doctor
existing pictures so that the naughty bits are revealed, so
there have been attempts to "rectify" these censored pictures.


05. What is DOS/V?

DOS/V is DOS with the capability of displaying
Japanese characters. Most Japanese games you see posted to
the net or obtained elsewhere (ie. Curse, Cinema House)
usually require the usage of DOS/V.


06. *Where do these pictures come from?

Most of the time the pictures you find on ABPEA are
captures or rips from Japanese or Taiwanese games. Other
sources include H-manga scans, H-anime screen captures,
graphics collections by Japanese computer anime artists,
and of course, works by fellow readers. You might ask, "Where
oh where can I find H-manga/H-anime/games/etc., etc..?" Manga
can usually be found at local or overseas anime conventions,
and games...uh, umm, well, to put it lightly: das geht dich
einen feuchten Scheissdreck an! (that concerns you like wet
shit) :) Please be content with the pictures alone, because
the posters rarely have any time or patience to explain to
everyone where the games come from. They obtain it one way or
another, and you should be glad that they're taking the time
to capture/rip the pictures and post them to ABPEA. If the
games are small and if someone really has the spare time then
one day someone _will_ upload a game...it's been done before.
If you wish to know which games a particular series of pictures
were captured/ripped from, check the list in section 08. It's
not quite formatted to match the amount of dashes I'm using to
format this FAQ, but it'll have to do.


07. Net Resources (FTP, FSP, WWW, GOPHER, IRC, etc.)

There are numerous FTP, FSP, WWW, etc. sites out
there on the net, waiting to be discovered. So go discover
them yourself. NOBODY will tell you ANYTHING about them,
unless you have something _very_ good to give them in exchange
for the address. We keep these sites secret because, once
they're revealed to the public, leeches will scurry out from
every dark corner of the 'net and overload these sites,
effectively killing them within days, if not hours. So don't
expect to get a nice list of sites from someone, even if you
say pretty please with cocaine on top.


08. A listing of pictures and the games they came from (LONG)

(Author's note: Use mono spaced fonts or fixed pitch fonts
when viewing this if you're using a newsreader such as
Free-agent (thanks Reader :))

This is one of FAQ in this newsgroup. I made this list to answer this
question. Most of the images posted here are screen shots of Japanese
PC games for adults. There are three main streams in Japanese PC market.
They are NEC PC-9801, Fujitusu FM-TOWNS and Sharp X68000. Most of
adult PC games are made for these 3 platforms. Unfortunately, since
these machines are not compatible with IBM PC, you can not run
the games made for these computers on your IBM PC.
(Recently, some software makers have started to make adult games
for DOS/V and Windows. However, they are still very rare.)


09. *Can I read Japanese text on web sites without special

Ever go to a Japanese web site and the text comes out
as jumbled computer garbage? Now you can get those garbage
characters translated into their proper Japanese counterparts
-- kanji, hiragana, and katakana.
Just go to the Shodouka home page
<http://www.lfw.org/shodouka/>, enter in the URL of the site
you want decoded and let Shodouka do the rest! Any links you
go to from there will also be decoded by Shodouka!
Thanks to Philip Yff <yffp@wizard.net> for his inform-
ative post about Shodouka on <rec.arts.anime.info>.


10. What is KISS?

This is a very brief over view of KISS. For more info
visit some of the web pages listed below and get a copy of
KISS is short for KIsekae Set System. Kisekae is Japan-
ese for "changing clothes". In short, it's a game.
Kisekae is a popular clothes changing game among girls
in Japan. The girls get a Kisekae doll and sets of clothes to
put on her. KISS is a computerized version of this game. Kind
of like a computer paper-dolls games. Americans may be familiar
with this too. Paper doll clothes changing games can often be
found in kids' magazines and comic books.
Of course, there are also KISS files which are not made
for children. These sets allow you take off a little bit more
than you normally should....
There have been KISS files made for many popular anime
characters including Ranma, Lum, and Sailor Moon!
KISS files are often distributed using LZH compression.
You can usually get LZH decoders from the same places KISS
viewing software is found. The Mac KISS viewer, French KISS by
John Styles handles LZH compression automatically. Otaku using
IBMs, Amigas or other platforms try these archives:
KISS files will decompress into many strange documents
like .CNFs, .CELs, .KCFs and other files with extensions
you've probably never heard of before.

Are KISS files appropriate to post to ABPE.Anime?
Since there is no KISS binaries group that I know of, I
would have to say ABPE.Anime is the most appropriate newsgroup
for adult KISS files. However, it would be wise to read the
documentation that comes with the KISS data files to make sure
you're not violating the author's wishes by distributing the
file via Usenet. If you do not understand the documentation,
you're better off not posting it.


11. The Not-So-Great Debate: GIF vs. JPEG

Now that this thread has died down a little, this
section shall hopefully eradicate whatever doubts people still
have about the use and performance of either format. The truth
of the matter is, most people who participate in the binaries
newsgroups don't really care what format the picture comes in.
They're here because they want pictures, not because they want
to participate in some silly debate about which picture format
is better.

GIF is an 8-bit format. It cannot handle pictures
that have more than 256 colours in them. Therefore, original
scans should never be in this format unless they're in black
and white (ie. most manga scans).

JPEG is a 24-bit format. It can handle pictures with
as many as 16.7 million colours in them. Therefore, they're
best suited for scans of real, colour pictures.

DO NOT attempt to convert a GIF to JPEG if it's a
highly detailed picture, like most h-anime art done on the
computer using dithered shading. Not only will the size of the
file _increase_, the quality of the resulting image will also
degrade. Do it only when the GIF picture has very little
detail in it, and when the file size is very large (ie. scans
of real pictures that were originally stored in GIF format).
Common sense would also tell you that 24-bit (16.7 colour)
JPEG's should not be converted into GIF, unless you want to
degrade the quality of the picture through loss of colour.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to leave the pictures
as you found them, and only do conversions for your own private
purposes. When you want to post a picture, leave them in their
original formats, because most often the pictures you find will
already be in their best suited format.

There is also a format called PNG which, I believe,
handles 8-bit pictures better than GIF (smaller size). I've
only seen one series in PNG format, as they seem to be very
rare for some reason. A viewer that can decode PNG is QPV
v1.7, available on all the big FTP sites (ftp.cdrom.com,
wuarchive.wustl.edu, etc.). The problem with PNG is that
converting a GIF to PNG takes a lot of time.

If you're using a Macintosh, Graphic Converter works
as an excellent PNG viewer. You can get a copy at
<ftp.funet.fi> if I'm not mistaken.

If you would like more information on this cool new
graphics format, go to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory PNG
info page <http://quest.jpl.nasa.gov/PNG/pngapvw.html>.


10. *Some Japanese words that might interest you

I'm not really sure where this came from (I _think_
it might be from the H-Manga Services Homepage). Nearly all
of these definitions are to be taken in the context of hentai
anime in North American circles.

Baka!....."You're stupid!", lit. "Horse Deer",
two Kanji.


hentai....Abnormality. Sexual perversion. Used also to
describe a certain class of anime or otaku (as
in "H-Anime"). Lit. "Change of State", two

ecchi.....The Japanese pronounciation of the letter
"H", a simplification of the word "hentai".

kawaii....Cute (ie. Ami Mizuno :).

mecha.....Just about anything mechanical: weapons,
vehicles, robots, but usually not items like
pencil sharpeners or ceiling fans.


otaku.....Anime fanboy or fangirl.

Bishoujo..Beautiful (Young) Girl, not to be confused
with "shojo", which means "virgin" :). Three

Bishojen..Gay male. Male love, romance. Literally
"pretty boy".

OAV/OVA...Original Video Animation: an anime direct to
video release, anime made only for the video

seiyuu....Anime voice actor or actress.


11. Miscellaneous

1) FACT: The final episode of the first season of US
Sailor Moon has been completely mangled by DIC.

2) Visit the SOS homepage at


END OF ABPEA FAQ, version 3.10, updated September 24, 1996.
This version, Copyright (C) 1996 Anthony T. Hartman. This FAQ
may be distributed freely, but not sold.

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